Major Industries Served

California has a robust aerospace industry. Since the 1960’s Chem Pro has had significant business with customers involved in aerospace and has developed a unique understanding of their needs and expectations. Quality and value are important to all customers. However, within the aerospace industry the requirements for documented quality and value have reached new heights.
Chem Pro maintains a strong presence within the electronics industry and related businesses. A sampling of our customers represent solar cell manufacturing, printed circuit board manufacturing, compact disc and DVD manufacturing, telephone and computing devices, and communication service hubs to name a few.
Recognizing the importance of Food Production and Processing in California, Chem Pro has developed services specific to this industry. From some of the nation’s largest packing houses in the San Joaquin Valley to the packaged and frozen food industry in Southern California, Chem Pro is proud to be a partner with some of America’s greatest food producers.
Health Care
The hospital industry has been Chem Pro’s fastest growing market segment during the past few years. With several hospitals over 300 beds and more being added, the hospital industry and its needs have become a focal point. With margins being squeezed in health care, hospitals need value more than ever. Hospitals also look for green technologies, which makes our ZBNC program a perfect fit.
These establishments produce an array of pharmaceutical preparations or finished drugs; biological products including serums and vaccines; bulk chemicals/botanicals used in drug manufacture; and diagnostic substances such as pregnancy and blood glucose kits. Chem Pro is proud to have customers in each of these segments of the pharmaceutical industry.
Chem Pro has years of experience treating systems at plastic manufacturing facilities. Both injection molding and blow molding systems are challenging to treat, having molds with small orifices, high skin temperatures, and low flow velocities that are prone to mineral scale deposits. Contact us to learn about our innovative programs developed especially for the plastics manufacturing industry.
Commercial Property
As proud as we are of our role in treating industrial process systems, Chem Pro is nevertheless committed to the HVAC market. We develop lower cost service programs that provide reliability and energy savings valued by owners, property managers and mechanical service contractors.
Other Industries
There are numerous other water treatment applications for other industries, also. Please contact Chem Pro Lab to find out if we can help you with yours.