Zero Bleed-Natural Chemistry

More and more customers are expressing sincere concerns about the environment.

Reducing chemical usage in water treatment, including some that are toxic and environmentally hazardous, has become a major focus within our industry.

Today there are many alternatives to traditional treatment. Unfortunately, few alternative non-chemical programs are widely effective. Even those that are in certain applications fail to conserve water, and more often than not consume more water than the traditional treatment programs they replace.

Reducing the potential environmental impact of chemicals is a noble objective, but perhaps more important to the environment and our quality of life is conservation of water.

A statewide public outreach campaign recently launched to remind Californians about the need to use water and energy wisely. The campaign reminds us that water and energy use are linked. Water is California’s most precious natural resource, and the projected population growth coupled with climate changes and shrinking supplies means the availability of water today and in the future is a major concern.

Cooling towers represent one of the largest uses of domestic water, not only in California, but also the entire country. To reduce both the environmental impact of traditional chemical programs and reduce water consumption, Chem Pro offers our ZBNC Program.

A majority of our ZBNC customers reduce their water cost so substantially, the savings pay for the initial equipment within 6 to 18 months.

Additionally, many customers in Southern California may qualify for water conserving rebates from agencies such as Metropolitan Water District and Los Angeles DWP.

Quick Facts

  • ZBNC is a patented technology developed by WCTI, Inc.
  • Chem Pro Lab is a licensed distributor of this technology
  • Eliminates 90% of chemical requirements
  • Saves millions of gallons of water annually for our customers
  • Evaporation accounts for 98% of water used
  • 20-40% water consumption reduction
  • LEEDS building points qualified
  • Attractive ROI choice

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